The Basics of Riding the Namekagon Transit Bus

As a rider, it is your responsibility to ensure that you catch your ride.   If you have problems understanding a schedule or you are a first time rider and would like more information about the bus schedule, please call the Namekagon Transit Office at (715) 634-6633 for assistance.

How to Schedule a Door Step Pickup Ride

  • Call the Namekagon Transit Dispatcher at 715-634-6633 option 1 or Toll-free at 866-295-9599 by 1:00 pm on the previous day to make a reservation.

How to Ride A Fixed Route Bus

  • Use a fixed route schedule to find a designated stop and approximate arrival time.
  • Be at the designated stop 5 minutes before the bus is due to arrive.

When Do I Call the Namekagon Transit Office?

  • When you are not at a designated stop.
  • When the bus is more than 10 minutes late.

How Long Should I Wait?

  • Be at your pick up location 5 minutes before your pick up time and wait up to 10 minutes after your scheduled pick up time.

How Do I Know When To Board The Bus?

  • You can board the bus when it has come to a complete stop.
  • If the bus has stopped and it is not right in front of you, you must approach the bus to board.

Where Do I Wait For The Bus?

  • At a designated stop:  Stand at the appropriate pick up location.
  • All other locations: Stand within sight of the driver and bus and be 5 feet back from the curb.

What Side Of The Street Do I Wait On?

  • Always stand on the side of the street in which the bus will be traveling. Face the direction you need to go and then wait on the right side of the road.