Deviated Fixed Routes

Deviated Fixed Routes operate Monday through Friday. Please see the schedules below for our designated stops along our regular Deviated Fixed Routes. Flag Stops can be made along the routes provided there is a safe location for the bus to stop. For stop deviations, or stops that deviate up to 3/4 mile from designated bus stops, please call dispatch at (715) 634-6333 to make reservations. 


There are three different routes - Green = Route 30, Yellow = Route 40, and Red = Route 50. All three meet at the LCO Casino for transfers.

Where is your bus right now?

Deviated Fixed Routes 2022
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Deviated Fixed Route FAQ

Q: How do I ride the fixed route if I am trying to get from somewhere on the red route (ex. Marketplace in Hayward) to somewhere on the green route (ex. LCO Country store)?

A: You would get on the bus at the time that the red route is scheduled to be at your location. You would ride it to the LCO Casino and transfer onto the bus that drives the green route. 


Q: What if my house is not on the route?

A: If your house is not on the route, we can deviate 3/4 of a mile off route. This is why is it is considered a deviated fixed route. You must call and make a reservation.


Q: Do you come to my house? 

A: If you are unsure if we travel to your home, you can call dispatch at 715-634-6633.


Q: What if I am trying to get from Sawyer county to Another county?

A: Give your mobility manager, Jeffrey Talbot, a call at (715) 634-6633, option 2. If Namekagon Transit can't give you a ride, Jeff has the resources to help find traveling options. 


Please call us at (715) 634-6333 with any additional questions. Thank you